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Posted: 12/03/2010 by .Loviathar Hellman in

Our sim, named BADA BING (!!) opened last week & we've been working hard on it so we can get started before the december hunts. 

Five hunts are now going on or are going to start : 
- A Very Depraved Xmas 
- ZombiePopcorn III
- Christmas Hunt by Ancayi
- Mr Grinch Hunt
- POE Hunt

We also are welcoming the Twisted Krissmuss, an event created to make you able to purchase transferable items for 100L$ as XMAS gifts. We'll mention an event that will happen outside the sim, FTLO Ice festival just cos it will worth all your attention. We'll tell you more about it in a few days.

Yet, we love the sim. We tried to bring something different, between natural, old, watery, a bit darkish but cute and I think we suceeded in getting that effect. We're getting tons of positive comments about the sim. THANK YOU.

To make you even happier, we decided to open a garden mini mall. We invited there only a few people we LOVE the work of. Some are still in installation process but soon you'll find : 
- Ancayi 
- Repulse

You'll find in those stores outrageous quality clothing, shoes, accessories, eyes, face tats and a bunch of other stuff.
Some designers told me that they rezzed dollarbies so don't hesitate to go, grab it and see their collection.

I know that tons of people still love XMAS gifts so I installed an advent calendar for those who wish, everyday, to get an item for 25L only. No, that's not free but it's a bargain from 50L to 175L so that's the occasion to purchase that tat or that necklace you were craving since some time. 

At the risk of disappointing some people, since we just moved, the sim will NOT get all snowy just because all of the landscaping should therefore be changed and I love it too much to change it but the inside of the mainstore has been decorated and someone told me that you'll find a few XMAS decorations in the garden. 

Feel free to hang out at the sim in all respect for our customers. You're very welcome there and we'll prolly meet you around the garden. :)

Picture Samples for the mall stores : 






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