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WHAT'S NEW, PUSSYCAT ? Event is a huge success, we can tell it and thank all the merchants in the mall for their investment in making of a great event, to my dear assistant, Suriko, to the bloggers who kindly helped & of course to the visitors. We hope that this event will have helped you in discovering new stores or new items that you'll appreciate.

Anyway, this is not it. Because it's never it.

This week-end is the right time for other week-end events starting by La Venta Eventa. I'll be covering Loulou&co, its owner being gone on holiday (lucky, lucky girl).
Here is the item. This is a remake of older piercings. I've been remaking the textures, the positionning, the size of the prims & the shadows to make it look more actual. No, no, not more realistic cause I don't give a fuck about being realistic on Second Life or my avi would gain 20 pounds at least. ^^

I'm also going to be in TOSL for this WITCH week. I chose the only witches related tattoo I have in the store, The Runes. Ok, ok, that's not actual nordic runes but more of russian ones. Anyways, it's a tattoo and it was on a sale just one year ago when it was released and I think it's a good time for a bargain on it since I still love to wear it & it still has an amazing success.

New release, too ! Well it's a remake.

There. Don't forget to check out the Twisted Hunt poster & extras poster that includes a hint to find the item more easily.
We also have the happiness to be in American Bazaar's first anniversary hunt. You'll can find the item around a resting space.

What else ? Well. If you didn't pass by the store for What's New, Pussycat ? It's time to do so. I swear it worths the pain ^_^.

There u go ! Enjoy your week-end.

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