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It is a bit more than midnight SLT & our first official big time event has started.
The aim ? Finding out what's new in our mall stores !
8 merchants released one or more item(s) for 65L$ only. Those items are NEW & exclusive for the time of the event (two weeks). It won't get sold at their mainstores.

The vendors : Repulse, Hysteria, Bubble, Sakide, Loulou&co, Razorblade Jacket, SNG & [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] of course.
The items : It is representative of our mall, you'll can find a ton of different things in it ! Tops, thongs, nails, earplugs, ankleboots, eyes, tattoos, ... See below for a preview.

When ? It starts NOW and ends in 2 weeks, so you have enough time to shop. If you don't know the merchants stores yet or want to know what's new out there, check it out ! You have all your time to do so.

Thanks to our merchants for their hard work and also to bloggers who already are starting to cover the event !


SeraphimSL : http://www.flickr.com/groups/virtualinsanitysl/

The Killer Kitten : http://whispermizin.wordpress.com/2011/08/31/hot-boy-baby-you-got-what-i-want/
Strawberry Kissez : http://strawberrykissez.wordpress.com/2011/08/31/badabing/
Alexia Moonkill : http://alexiamoonkill.wordpress.com/2011/08/31/life-shrinks-or-expands-in-proportion-to-ones-courage/

And here are a few pictures of the items :


Repulse keeps on bringing creepy eyes but that is just a part of the collection made of macabre, gore & horror items of a rare quality. Bored of looking like a doll ? Look like a dead doll, then.

Hysteria is bringing a tattoo. Don't tell the owner that it's cute or she'd bite your head off. However, I have to say that I find this one very cute since I have a passion for black cats. Hysteria is a tattoo & accessories store that is yet not so old but has an impressive collection of dark, gore, trash items.

Bubble is bringing sexy back with this set of thongs. Bubble is a clothes & accessories store with amazing quality items that you'll wear for days from the moment you purchase one. Patterns clothes are always cute as hell without being too girly. I am a fan of that store, officially ! :D

SAKIDE is the new name of Sassy Kitty Designs. This collection of blunt tops will make your boobies pop out without any need for surgery.
Sassy Kitty Designs is a clothing store that brings, since a few years, quality & original clothing for attractive girls. Check it out !

SNG aka Shitz & Giggles released these ankle boots ! It's pink but yet not too girly & since I needed new ankle boots, I am already drooling !
SNG's owner is an extremely productive person who created not only clothes & accessories but also skins and a ton of stuff for all your shopping needs !

Razorblade Jacket released this half tank top and since that it's still summer for 20 days, it's still time to get one ;-).
Razorblade Jacket provided clothing for girls & boys in a grungy, rocking style.

Loulou&co is bringing this awesomely original kitty collar munchie and I'm in love (and not only with the owner) with it. We all need more stuff to munch on, don't we ?
Loulou&co is a quality clothes & accessories store that brings original stuff since a few years yet and keeps on bringing new items to the grid that will make your eyes go like this @.@.

[VIRTUAL/INSANITY], aka myself, am bringing two items well representative of "what's new" around my store.
1) Kitty Galore claws : 8 textures, long long long nails that will make your hands look like sexy weapons.
2) MEOW Earplugs pack : 10 textures for this set of earplugs, including 2 different patterns in 5 colors each.
Do I need to describe my store ? Well ok. It's jewelry, accessories & cosmetics, not realistic enough and I don't give a shit. There ! :D

Thanks for reading ^_^

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