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After three years of good and loyal services,
we are changing of blogging provider !
You'll find us here from now !

Thanks for your continuous support.

PS : this page won't be updated anymore.

Tons of stuff going on @[VIRTUAL/INSANITY]

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We are releasing a make-up pack including 8 colors.
It will be available for the half of its real price from friday 3rd to sunday 5th @the mainstore.

An item to get from the 5th february @ZP Brand.

This item will be available @PW for 99L until sunday. Hurry up !

One make-up and some ciggies ! Ciggies are unisex of course.

All of those items are new releases. Enjoy !

We are not closing !

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Good morning,

since it seems that some people, including bloggers, are confused about this, let me make things clear : [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] is NOT closing.

Recently, a ton of stores, and especially still young ones, have been organizing closing sale ou retirement sales before closing. This is not our case.

As the poster mentions it, we WILL be retiring some OLDER items because we need to make room for new collections.
[VIRTUAL/INSANITY] will be 3 years old in february and this means that we have been working on more items than anyone can think of.
During the past three years, we have been in a constant evolution : our skills got improved and our style changed. There is no room anymore in the store for some of our items and some others have to be revamped.

This is the ONLY aim of that sale.
The day we will be closing, if it ever happens, you'll be informed about it.

But this is definitely not the case.

PS : I also know that a lot of stores have been accused of organizing CLOSING sales when they weren't closing at all or re-opened a few days after. This is not what we are doing. So please understand it and if your blog contains a false information saying that we are closing, please, correct it. Thank you.

[GFW] Mermaid Make up at half price !

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[GFW] Mermaid Make up at half price !
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Our mermaid make up is available for half price @Jersey Shore for Grenade Free Wednesdays. This vendor was remade so please make sure that you didn't purchase the item yet in the past. Thanks.

[NEW!] MAKE ME UP - Cold

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[NEW!] MAKE ME UP - Cold
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Starting tonight, LA VENTA EVENTA & TOSL.
For La Venta, I chosed the new "cats love" earrings for half of their price and for TOSL on the theme of "geek chic", I chosed this chemistry inspired tattoo called : "REDOX". It is also available for half price.
It starts late tonight but it's already there cos I'll be busy until the event start so enjoy xx


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Originally uploaded by [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] / Loviathar Hellman

We are retiring about 80 items from our shelves to make a bit of room.
Some will be discontinued and gone forever and some others will be revamped to fit our current skill level & style.
Those 80 items will still be available until 1st february 2012 for 25L each. The fatpacks' price hasn't been lowered so purchase individually your items, please.

To find the items, just look around and check for this blue flower.
It is easier if you know that all of those items are rezzed in the small rooms on the left and right sides of the main big room (the one with the blue/grey seats and couch).

During the time of transition, the new items will be rezzed as usual in the little room on the left of the main hall except for the ear plugs & nails which will be directly added to the "gardenhouse" part of the store, at the back of the store.