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We are retiring about 80 items from our shelves to make a bit of room.
Some will be discontinued and gone forever and some others will be revamped to fit our current skill level & style.
Those 80 items will still be available until 1st february 2012 for 25L each. The fatpacks' price hasn't been lowered so purchase individually your items, please.

To find the items, just look around and check for this blue flower.
It is easier if you know that all of those items are rezzed in the small rooms on the left and right sides of the main big room (the one with the blue/grey seats and couch).

During the time of transition, the new items will be rezzed as usual in the little room on the left of the main hall except for the ear plugs & nails which will be directly added to the "gardenhouse" part of the store, at the back of the store.