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Virtual Insanity is a store in the social game Second Life.

Products sold :
- jewellery : necklaces (chokers), bracelets, earrings, rings. Except the earrings, all these products are furnished with a resize script to be adapted to each shape. To check if the product you're about to buy is scripted, please, check the vendors.
- Tats : face tats and full body tats. Male/female versions available for the unisex style tats.
- Piercings : face piercings with and without face-lights, ear to nose piercings with or without earring, belly piercings.
- And more to come (belts, thigh belts, arm bands, ...).

There are five shops on second life (click on the link to tp) :
- The main one in Sierra Vista
- @Dark'N'Crazy
- @Nightscape
- @Sanctuary Rock Mall
- @Psychotic Nekos

You'll can find some items on XstreetSL (updating at the moment). Click here.

For any information, problem, question, custom work, just send a notecard to Loviathar Hellman, shop owner.
To join our group and receive updates, gifts and informations, please click here.

Please note we are not looking for more places to rent stores @the moment and do not hire any staff.

Loviathar Hellman, Virtual Insanity creator and owner

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