Posted: 5/01/2009 by .Loviathar Hellman in

I just released four couples of new cuffs in the new mainstore.

These cuffs have been made with a leather & velvet texture and are decorated with badges (one manga-punk style & one with text saying "mad world", "me nuts", "fucking special" or "I'm not emo"), safety pin(s) and one razzor blade.
The cuffs are scripted so you can resize it easily from the XS "normal size" to the XL (2.5*) size. Easy to adjust, so. In the pack, left and right version (even if it looks like there are two left versions, it's caused by the fact I can't rename a cuff after scripting it... Annoying but still, there is a L and a R version).
Four colors & decoration versions : blue, green, red, black with different badges and one or two safety pin and a different razor blade. 149 each. Fat pack for 449.

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