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VIRTUAL INSANITY has great news for you.

This week-end, we'll have the honnor to sponsor two awesome parties in two clubs.
These clubs are Vengeance (ex Gothenon) and Industrial Dreamz. We've got stores in both of those club's malls.

The sponsoring means that we are giving some nice gifts from our recent collections and that these gifts will be given to the contests/trivia winners. It means some chance for you to win some great stuff so see the informations below and jump on the LMs ! We hope to see you there :)

VENGEANCE Grand Opening Sat 6th June 2009 - 10AM-2PM SLT Flyer will be sent later. The owners are working on it.

INDUSTRIAL DREAMZ Sunday 7th June 2009 - 12PM-3PM SLT See the flyer for details.

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