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Two new releases today at VIRTUAL INSANITY mainstore and coming soon in our satellite stores.

About hunts :

The Changing of the Seasons Hunt is ending today but the gift will be available in VI’s Mainstore until tomorrow monday. Don’t miss the chance to get this gift since all my gifts are exclusive and disappear after the end of the hunt, forever.

The Shining Stars Hunt is still going on until the end of the month.

The XMAS hunt is starting on the 1st december and I can tell that the gifts will be very sweet.

Here is a preview picture of what you'll find in the gift pack :

Group freebie/gift :

Any subscriber clicking one of my subscribe-o-matic display get a free bracelet set.

Here is the pic :

And here is the SLURL to the mainstore

By the way our store situated on Psychotic Neko's land is now closed for traffic reasons.

Enjoy the new week coming.


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