New releases... after a laziness break !

Posted: 2/19/2010 by .Loviathar Hellman in

.•:*☆*:•.★ WHAT'S NEW AT VIRTUAL INSANITY ? ★.•:*☆*:•. 

Okay, let's start saying that i've been in a lazy mood for a while so I didn't really take care of new releases. Of course, each time I don't relase stuff for like 3 weeks, I'm panicking and wondering when I'll succeed in building a two prims piercings. But yeah. That's me and I'm insane, isn't it ? 
Anyway, I finally took back the way of my build platform and built some awesomesauce stuff. 
Let's also say that on the 18th february, VIRTUAL INSANITY celebrated its first year of existence. We celebrated it @Industrial Dreamz (thanks to the staff & bosses to help that much and make it a good moment) & we gave out gifties, had a best insane avi contest. It was the occasion to meet customers and it's always a great time ! 
We have a lot of things going on since the CHASE OF THE BEAST hunt will start on the 1st march but also the TWISTED HUNT. Isn't that awesumely awesumsaucesque ? We also have been selected to be a part of the Stumblebum, this week & I therefore will release an item this saturday at 12AM SLT that will be available at the Heart and Sole's mainstore. Great isn't it ? :D 
But let's show you pics of all of that and let's stop talking... Can I do this ?

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