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Okay let's say that today I have a big migraine. 
So I'll just write a reminder : Please, please, please, please, please when you buy something to me or to ANYONE else in Second Life, READ THE VENDOR CLEARELY. You can also make sure to do not be mistaking on what you're buying in checking the CONTENTS tab of the object. 
My vendors always are as clear as possible. I always give details. 
When you buy a haircut @fri. or elsewhere, you don't get the skin, the shirt, the earrings the model is wearing. 
When you buy a tattoo @VIRTUAL INSANITY, you get the tattoo and nothing else. All that you need to know is written on the vendor.
I can refund someone for mistaking ONLY if the item is NO COPY/TRANS. 
If it is copy/no trans, I will never do it. 
No, I am not mean. That's what 99% of the merchants in SL do because there are also people who abuse us. Some people are able to ask for a refund and to keep the object anyway, they just want it for free. That's greedy and sad. And that's because of that that I can't refund you. Sorry for that.

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