A lot of changes ^_^

Posted: 5/05/2010 by .Loviathar Hellman in

A lot of changes going on but for good ! 

First, a new logo. 

VIRTUAL INSANITY's mainstore has been on Heart & Sole sim since long months. Unfortunately, for some logistic reasons only, we had to move so we can be able to build a store that would fit with our items. 
It is now done since I spent the last month building this new store @Neko sim. It opened three days ago and the mainstore that was @Heart and Sole has been closed. I still have a satellite store there though.

Here is therefore the new mainstore location

We worked on a dark style but keeping a natural side, large spaces for a lot of vendors, little rooms to organise a bit more, shelves a bit everywhere and some cool decoration. 
I hope you'll love the space, there are some places to hang out there too.

We will have a hunt next month, the Addiction Hunt. I'll talk about it later.
We're going to restart soon participating to the super bargain saturday and the stumblebum brigade, we just needed a bit of time to design it all and set up the new vendors.

We'll also have a gift card system very soon. 

There. This is about all you need to know. Stay tuned for more infos ;).

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