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Posted: 6/06/2010 by .Loviathar Hellman in

We're back from holidays but if you tried to notecard us during this last week, you have to know that most of our notecards have been capped (yes, it happens). Please send us a notecard back if we don't get back to you about your issue/question. 

We have a new group gift since one week now. The gift is a set of rings + nails and a tattoo. The tattoo is unisex. The gift has already be sent to the group members so they can take profit of it and is available for any new subscribtion. If for some reasons, you already are in the group but didn't get the gift, please click the subscriber in one of our stores and check the old messages, you'll be sent the group gift easily. 

Nightscape/Delirium style modded its mall recently and our store therefore also changed. You'll find it here or if you TP to Delirium directly, on the east side of the sim.

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