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Posted: 6/19/2010 by .Loviathar Hellman in

Alright, seems that some news are always welcome so... Here we are!

First thing, I announced it already on this blog... 
It's a matter of time only, I need more time for my RL atm and can't handle to take care of 15 stores at once.
I therefore decided to close most of my mall stores and to keep Sassy City & Delirium Style's satellite stores only. 
Those places have always been wonderful for [V/I] and we need to keep it because we know that you like to shop there. 

Second one is that for the same time and organisation reasons, we need to reduce the size of the mainstore. There will not be any big change, the new store is yet nearly ready. We will also move it in a non commercial area to reduce lag. Anyway we don't really need anymore to be in a very commercial area. I could take a homestead sim but I don't have nor the time nor the energy to take care of that atm. Sorry for that. I decided to move the store on a sky platform, like it used to be one year ago. Honestly, we don't need anymore to have a big mainstore in a commercial place. We maybe will change that in some weeks or months if we find a nice place to get installed at but it's not my priorities atm. 

We are sorry for these changes, we know how annoying it can be for you to have like 20 LMs for one store. Just think that time is missing atm and that I'd rather spend it in building new stuff than in taking care of organisation and in moving mall stores... You'll be even more satisfied this way. 

Third thing, We will be a part of different events : The Summer of Love Fair, the Mad as a Hatter Hunt, the Addiction Hunt, the Freak you out Hunt, the Silent Lion Trouble, the Stumblebum Brigade, 69, Super Bargain saturday.

A lot of gifts, low price or exclusive items will be given out. 
We hope you enjoy.
You'll get news in time.

We need to post a picture of the Mad as a Hatter hunt gift though ;).

There are earrings and a hat. Maybe more to come depending on the time and energy ;). There! Hope u like it ! 

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