Important : About [VIRTUAL/INSANITY]'s piercings - Texture Bug

Posted: 8/20/2010 by .Loviathar Hellman in

Oops ! Something bugged ! 

Some months ago, we started building piercings including shadows for more realism. We therefore created our own shadow texture and uploaded it. We used the same one since.
Unfortunately, it appears that last wednesday, Linden Labs brang big modifications to its asset servers. 
It seems that some textures UUID were blacklisted, deleted or borked. 
It sadly concerns not only our piercing shadow texture but a lot of other designers' textures and it may concern some others of our textures.
We therefore ask you to report any texture bug you'd notice by notecarding us and showing off a picture (you'll get refunded of 10L per upload). 

Our shadow texture being borked, the piercings sets you purchased or got through a hunt (for example "addict piercings set" from the Addiction Hunt) may appear all weird, the piercings balls being covered by a grey blob. 

It may affect your avatar appearance.

Since we are not sure of when and even if Linden Labs will do something to recover the lost or borked textures, we therefore decided to create a new shadow texture and to upload it, modding the piercings sets.

Today, all of our piercings sets were mod and our vendors were changed.

Unfortunately, we are not using scripted vendors furnished with a redelivery terminal. We can't automatically send to the people who already bought the piercings, the new version so they get one with the new texture that is not affected.

We took the freedom to send automatically the new version of the purchased piercing to any person who bought one of our piercings in the past four days.

For the other ones, if you are concerned by this, we ask you to drop a notecard to Loviathar Hellman including your name and the name of the piercing(s).

For the people who purchased the Stumblebum Special Influenzae piercings set a few weeks ago, please do the same.

Our subscribers have been warned by two notecards today but if you're not in our group, you can't be warned so please make sure to join our group so you can get further notices in case of issue.

Also, for the people who hunted in the addiction hunt, you've got to know that the piercings set called ADDICT is also affected.

I personnaly contacted today Maleficent Benoir who's the hunt organisor. I asked her to have the permission to send a notice to the hunters group so the hunters who are still in it can get the new version of the piercings set.

We apologise for any unconvenience caused by this regretable situation. 

We also want to ask you, if you feel concerned enough, to have the kindness to check out this page and to vote for it so Linden Labs takes the problem in consideration as fast as possible. This afternoon, 50 residents/designers had voted yet. It means a lot. Here.

A last thing : of course, the problem may appear with other merchant's items. I've been in touch with a bunch of designers who are meeting the same issue. Please read their profile and go back to them in function of what they write in it so you can be helped about your items' issues.

Again, very sorry for the situation and we are keeping you informed of what will follow.

Thanks by the way to the Support Team members Whirly Fizzle and Nisa who took some time with me this afternoon trying to get the problem and trying to solve it. 

Loviathar Hellman

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