Posted: 9/05/2010 by .Loviathar Hellman in

Everyone knows the famous and quality ZombiePopcorn hunt.
Some may know that ZombiePopcorn is also a sim actually "Zombiepopcorn or Burst".

We're glad to have been invited to install one of your satellite stores our there.
Since yesterday, we therefore opened a store where you'll can find all of our recent items & also some older best seller ones.
From the 15th september, every month, we will rez there one exclusive item that you'll can only get at that spot.
Why? Because it will give you the chance to visit another store than the main & to also be able to see the other amazing stores that can be found on the sim.

So, where is it ? THERE.
And just for those who don't know it yet, ZombiePopcorn is also a blog. Here it is.

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