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The Horrorfest is starting today. This is a Charity Event. There are two exclusive items and one of those's sales will go to a special bank account for the Sophie Lancaster Foundation, an association created to fight untolerance after the murder of two young people for the simple fact that they were "goths".
You'll find the blog here : 

Here is the Charity Item : 

And the exclusive one :

Also, I've got 15 other items of my recent collections out there on the sim. The sim is here : secondlife://Floyd/196/27/23

There is also a bunch of other wonderful designers such as Sassy Kitty, bubble and Loulou&co. Each of them has a charity item.

We hope you find stuff that you like out there, prolly a bunch, that you enjoy the DJ sets and that a lot of money goes to the association. 

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