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The first thing to know is that we love blogs & bloggers and that we would be more than happy and honored if you wish to blog our items.

Due to the important amount of bloggers asking for review items in notecards and IMs, we decided to open a new web-hosted group only for bloggers & collaborators, on which we will send regularly some info and new releases sample items.

If you want to be a part of our official list, we will be glad to add your blog to ours and to invite you to join our subscribing review group.

How to do it ?

We will ask you to send a notecard to Loviathar Hellman, including your name, your blog URL, to tell us if it is linked to a fashion feed (which one?) and any information that you'll find useful.

Please note : We will read all the blogs but we won't select all. We mean no offence, but there are people we can't work with. Those are :
- Those who're giving out direct SLURLs to a hunt object,
- Negative people who will always point at the flaws, stating their opinion as an universal truth. Giving an opinion is always welcome but an opinion remains one point of view,
- Blogs with low quality pictures,
- Unactive blogs, blogs lacking of activity or promotion. If you're a new blogger, feel free to apply. We will be happy to help newcomers... but if you get no visit at all, please wait to get a few regular visitors before applying. Thanks for understanding.

More information about how the group will work, about the promotion of your blog through ours, ... Send us a notecard :). 

Thanks very much for your interest in our store and items.

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