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Luna's 52 weeks colour challenge has started last week. 
If you're a blogger and you're doing this challenge, we will be happy to help you by providing review copies.

Two cases : 

- If you're in our official bloggers list (see on our blog & in store on the bloggers info pannel), then, feel free to notecard me asking for review copies of the item of your choice, as usual.

- If you're not in our official bloggers list, you have the choice between applying (we don't accept everyone but the ones who are accepted join our blog, our official list and get our review copies) by filling it the notecard available on the blogger info board in store or notecarding us asking for blogger samples.

How to ask ? 

Please send a notecard to Loviathar Hellman (NOTECARDS ONLY ! IMs get capped or lost easily) by supplying your blog adress, the item you are requesting and the color needed.

Requests MUST match the current or following weeks colour given on the official challenge blog. One item per week maximum. 

For more information, please visit this link.

Thanks for reading,

Loviathar Hellman
[VIRTUAL/INSANITY] owner & main designer.

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