Posted: 11/30/2010 by .Loviathar Hellman in

We'll have a few ones for free (different ones) in Mr Grinch's hunt and in A very Depraved Christmas' hunt gifts but these ones are for sale and TRANSFERABLE ! It will be a part of the TWISTED KRISSMUSS releases. Twisted Krissmuss is a TOUR organized by the Twisted hunts theme (means DV8). A bunch of stores (I read more than 100 but I'm not sure if it's not even 200) will have TRANSFERABLE items for 100L at their stores. The aim is to leave the possibility to anyone to buy nice stuff from cool stores and throw it to friends but as suggested on the vendor, you can also keep stuff for yourself.
Tats aren't the kindest ones for XMAS but heh... Let's be a bit less consensual ;).

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