Advent Calendar

Posted: 12/09/2010 by .Loviathar Hellman in

Each day until the 24th, an item will be rezzed on the calendar and will be sold for 25L all the day and just all the day. Then, the next day, another one will be chosen. I chose the items randomly, depending of my inspiration and I'm trying to bring new and different stuff every single day.

The advent calendar's idea came to me some days before the 1st dec. but I had no ability to make my texture before the 30th at night, just before sleeping. That's why the white squares are fucked up, mea culpa. Anyway, we hope you enjoy cos to us it's a way to share our stuff at some low cost.

BTW dun forget to grab our hunts' items. See the pannels at the landing point...
And visit our mall ! We got six wonderful stores, some of the most awesomesaucesque in SL. Some even rezzed some dollarbie so heh... Dun miss it !

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