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From this year & in the aim to be able to help you in the best conditions as possible, I decided to dispatch customers contacts on another avatar, that will only be used on that purpose.

► Have any question, moan, groan, issue ? 
     Please read VIRTUALINSANITY RESIDENT (it's the avatar name)'s profile, including the picks.
     That profile includes ALL the needed information about the brand, the best way to contact us and to get your request satisfied. 

► If you don't find any answer there, aren't satisfied of the answers given or have another problem (delivery issue, unconform item, technical problem, whatever), please drop a NOTECARD only to that avatar. Don't IM. IMs get lost. 

► The avatar will be checked out on a DAILY BASIS. In those conditions, having plenty of time to treat your demands and only your demands, we'll be able to help you in the best way as possible. 

► From now please stop contacting by notecard or IM Loviathar Hellman. We won't ignore you if you do so  but it's way better for you and us to work that way.

► As usual, you'll understand that we won't answer to questions already answered in picks.

► For blogging, events organisation, feel free to chose between contacting Loviathar Hellman or VirtualInsanity Resident by notecard or IM if we're online only and if we worked together yet. 

We apologise for any unconvenience caused. 

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