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A little advertising for two great bloggers I just added to my official list recently.

For the first time, I added a boy blog to our list and I'm very happy of it cause that guy rocks and so does his blog ! If you're a male and if you love some of our unisex products, please visit Skylar Docherty's blog, MENIPULATION

Liane Boomhauer is a young blogger who does a very nice job and that's why I'm welcoming her in the list. Her blog worths the pain to be visited so have a look at it out there : and at her flickr

As a reminder to bloggers, whether they are starters or older bloggers, they MUST fill our bloggers application notecard in to have a chance to be added to the list. It is available at the mainstore in the mainhall on our official bloggers application pannel. It is a good way for you to know what our cooperation can bring.
It's also obvious that even if we have nothing against young bloggers (proof above), we won't accept to add everyone. We give out review copies to our official bloggers and it means that they get most of our stuff for free.
We know that it is quite trendy atm to create a blog and to do not promote it, to write an article from time to time and to beg designers for being added to their review list just to get stuff for free. It won't work. I am not someone outrageously picky but if you send me your blog info, please don't do it on one of your notecard but on our application, try to have at least a few visitors, good quality pictures and a good looking blog. Of course, this is a matter of taste but we will agree that pixelized pictures won't attract anyone to look at this and that if you only put "freebies" on your blog, including copybotted stuff, I won't love you a lot.

Thanks for understanding. 

Loviathar Hellman

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