Posted: 1/25/2011 by .Loviathar Hellman in

I just released a new make up collection called "La Ligne". It can be worn on cyber avatars or simply on original people who want to wear something different !

The idea is simple : just a blurry light in colors, grey or white on the eyes, a bit of eyeliner and optional drawn lashes. The liner & the lashes are originally used to cover the skins original lashes & liners.
The result will depend on the skin you are using.
Lighter skins will make the make-up look darker, darker skins will make it look lighter. I'd wear it on light to fair/warm skins but not on darker ones. A demo will be rezzed in a few so you can test it on your favorite skin.
The skins used on the vendors are ILLUSORY - Winter - Warmth and ILLUSORY - Winter - Frostbite.

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