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Posted: 2/07/2011 by .Loviathar Hellman in

You are a mall owner and you'd like us to join your mall.

First, please understand that in most of the cases, we are the ones to APPLY for being given out the opportunity to join a mall.
Why ? Because it's the only secure way to make sure to join a place that we love, fits our taste, our style.

If you still feel like our store would be a good add on to your mall, please read what's following and include the needed information in your notecard.

↪ If you work on a split/com basis, I'll be pleased. If your job of advertising is well done, we'll be in a win-win situation. You'll get 30% of my sales and I'll get the rest.
↪ If you work on a weekly fee basis, I'll only rent there if I'm sure that the rent won't cost me more that I'll earn. If it is the case, I won't stay for long. It's the reason why I only pay at places I'm sure that work. How do I know ? Well, different signs will show me if it worths the pain... But in most of the cases, it would be good to give me the opportunity to have ONE free week so I can TRY. If you give enough time and energy to it, it will work. We also will ask for REASONABLE PRICES.

↪ We don't rent at club malls. It's a NO GO. Why ? Because we've done it before and we know that in 99% of the cases, people aren't there to shop but to have fun and listen to the music. Period. So, it's a no, sorry.
↪ Did you visit our mainstore ? If not, it's a good moment to do so. Our style is between the dark, rock, urban style and the vintage and natural style. We don't ask you to have our style because it's totally personal. But we will only join rocking vintage places, urban styles places and dark ones. We hateeee prefabs except if those are personalized. So please don't invite us in a place where you just rezzed prefabs. Or at least mod it, make it personal. Some malls look like battery hens. A maximum of stores in the smallest space as possible to make a maximum profit... All of that is kind of creepy.

↪ In most of the cases, we'll participate to that IF WE HAVE TIME. Please warn us WAY BEFORE to make sure we've got the time to bring something good.

↪ Hum, let's end with something that some won't appreciate... Sorry guys but if you want to start a cooperation with us, you'll have to respect different things.
1) Visit our store. Don't send us god damned copy pasted notecards. We don't want of that. What we want is a priviledged contact with you. Even if you copy paste a part of your note, please just tell us why you think we would be a good add on. Also saying "we love your clothing" when I don't do clothing at all is NOT a good way too start and that whether you have famous stores on ur sim or not...
2) Be polite. Don't harass us. If we don't come back to you, it means that we are not interested. We can't answer to all of you. But harassing and starting being rude is a good way to make us NEVER want to join ur mall.
3) Having a mall is also advertising it. If you don't, people won't come.
4) Communicate right. Send your notes to our CSR. Write it clearely.
5) Don't lie. Pretending having a 20K traffic when it's 650 is a lie. Pretending that your mall is full @70% when you've got 54 stores and 12 filled is a lie.
6) Stop pretending... You won't convince me if you start showing off your communication degree in RL. Communication in SL is something so complicated and different than in RL... Telling to people that your mall has been built by a team of awesome builders when you bought it at a prefab store and just rezz it isn't very honest.
Just sayin'.

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