Piercings Sets Remake

Posted: 2/16/2011 by .Loviathar Hellman in

As some may have noticed on flickr or at the mainstore, I started remaking some piercings sets.

Screamz, Punk-Ture & Stingz are the first ones to have been remade with better textures and bigger prims for more visibility. I think it looks way better now and pretty different too.

I've been working on it since those piercings are quite old, about 2 years old and that's already the third version of it.

Yesterday, the store got 2 years old, it was our anniversary. I'll say a big thanks to everyone who helped me making of [V/I] that big today. First, starting by my dear husband Moolfryt Klang, then the builders who helped me starting and doing better, the events organizors who help designers everyday to get their store seen and reknown, the active & serious mall owners & of course my dear customers.
Let's start a new year of creativity now.

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