Pacific Crisis Fundraiser

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Japan is living one of the biggest crisis of its story. The earthquake, the tsunami and the multiple disasters it provocated are not only bringing death but also sicknesses, social problems and psychologic issues to the ones who remain alive.
While we don't know today if a nuclear disaster is happening or not, we are sure that rebuilding houses, hospitals & lives will be a hard thing.
Money is needed. Your interest is also needed.

Heather, Sanura & Keira were the first ones to contact me about a Pacific Crisis Fundraiser to help Japan.

I hopped in directly when I received the notecard.

One item is available @the PCF land and 100% of its sales will go to Japan. 50% of four other items will also go to Japan.

A donation box is available @our mainstore and all around SL.

400 designers are being a part of the fundraiser at this time and we reached yet more than 6500 real dollars in sales.

We want to thank you, designers & customers, for the help you're bringing. We were there for Haïti when the earthquake happened, we are there for the Red Nose Day and for Japan and we'll also help when the world will face another huge crisis.
We also wish that themes like poverty, social issues, health issues are being raised in awareness through second life because pain isn't only happening during a crisis but human pain happens everyday, at different levels.

We are happy to be a part of this fundraiser.
Even CNN is talking about it on its website :
Isn't it awesome ?

We hope you'll have enough care for the situation to visit the PCF.

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