[INSANE/KITTY] Our Kittycats & breedable products line !

Posted: 4/12/2011 by .Loviathar Hellman in

A bunch of us have been falling in love for the kittycats and, seeing those breedable pets wandering around my home, I really get why.

I recently decided to breed a few kittycats but it wouldn't be anything original if I hadn't thought about also releasing a few related products under a new product line, [INSANE/KITTY].

[INSANE/KITTY] isn't a store but a product line. However, the space where the products will be available will be different of [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] to do not bring confusion and flood [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] under kittycats related items.

You'll find the mini store @Bada Bing sim too. Here is the SLURL.

There aren't tons of products yet, just a few ones made with care in the wish to bring something fun & different.

There will be cute items but also rawkin' items & maybe some quirky ones, who knows ?!

The place is already open and more and more items will be added in the next few days, along with my future kittehs ! <3

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