The [INSANE/SHROOMS] Hunt, Contest & Sale

Posted: 4/07/2011 by .Loviathar Hellman in

Starting on saturday the 9th, an event presented by [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] with the support of Loulou&co.

1. A HUNT ! 

Find the 8 mushrooms hid on the sim ! You'll find seven gifts by [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] and one by Loulou&co. The shrooms can be in the mainstore, in the satellite stores, in the garden, on the roofs... Not in the sky or farer !


In the seven Mushrooms by [VIRTUAL/INSANITY], you'll find 7 notecards including a question about [V/I]. An answer notecard will be given to you. Use it, answer to the questions and drop it inside the mailbox in the main hall (it's a shroom-shaped mailbox).
There will be three winners with 1 to 3 prices to win.

3. A SALE !

50% sale on all of our nails or items including nails for 1 week !
On the second week, 50% sale on all of our make ups !

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