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Some of you probably noticed that I've been involved in KittyCatS.
Actually, me & Loulou&co's designer have been breeding our cats together in peace & harmony during the past few weeks.
We sold a few at our respective mainstore @ the beautifully named CATNIP OR GTFO Sim.
However, I've been working since a while on a products line called [INSANE/KITTY].
In the next few days, we'll be working in creating a stairs access to the basement through the main hall.
You'll find in the basement our products line and our new born cats for sale.

Waiting for that to come, since it takes a bit of time and energy to set up a full room of products, our kittens are still available @Catnip or GTFO. I'll update a list of our kittens regularly here.

  • BOXED - Chateau cat Black & White n°1 
  • BOXED - Genesis Odessey eyes - Coco - Curious tail
  • BOXED - 18 carats gold eyes - Coco - Mysterious tail - Curious ears
  • BOXED - Odyssey Sorbet Eyes - Smokey - Mysterious ears
Here is a small list of Loulou&co's kittens (just to help her) :

  • BOXED - TEACUP Siamese seal - Mysterious ears
  • ♂ - American Shorthair Silver Tabby - Azure eyes - Curious ears 
All of those kittens are available @ CATNIP OR GTFO

Enjoy ! 

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