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Let's apologise for this second note of the day. However, we think it's important to clear up some things.

Since two years, thousands and thousands of you have been joining our subscriber. We are lucky and happy to be able to share our news with you.

We also are proud of having been using an ethic subscriber system which leaves the choice to residents to join it or leave it whenever they like. We don't appreciate those systems that scan people around and add them to the database.

In two years, we've been asked TWICE to remove someone from the database.
Each time, we answered that you NEED to click the subscriber to get out of it.
This is how good subscribers systems work.

So if any of you, for reasons that belongs to him or her wants to LEAVE the group, all he or she needs to do is to CLICK the subscriber.

The subscriber is @our mainstore and also at all of our satellite stores. It is easy to find since it is in the MAIN HALL on the informations wall.
I'm joining a picture. It is next to the FANSGROUP pannel.

It means that the pannel is EASILY findable.

If for some reason, you have been banned from our sim and don't have access to it, you have all the freedom to visit one of our satellite stores in which there ALWAYS is a subscriber. The list is available here .


Those who decide to join the fans group and to pay the (small) fee should leave the subscribers group since, if not, they'd receive double notices with the same informations.
People joining the fans group have the ability to get ONE GIFT per month.


We have been informed by some customer of the presence of some people at the sim who were harassing, diffaming and grieffing.
Thanks to those customers who warned us.
Those people have been BANNED and reported to LL & to our mall's designers.

If you EVER notice anyone begging for money, grieffing, stalking, diffaming the stor e or any other store at my sim, please NEVER hesitate to warn me and that even if you receive an autoresponse while IMing me.  Those cases are a priority. We really won't accept that anyone comes in IM to harass or bother you.

Thanks for reading,

Loviathar Hellman
for [VIRTUAL/INSANITY]'s team.

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