A bunch of events starting ^-^

Posted: 9/30/2011 by .Loviathar Hellman in

Ohaiiii dear customers of mine <3.

You're aware that tomorrow is october.
And october is a HUGE month for SL events due to Halloween of course !

We'll have a lot going on during the month but I'm just gonna talk about what's starting tomorrow.

Let's start with TOSL. This is not a seasonal event but a weekly event. This week's theme was : outdoor.
I chosed flowers ! Cos well, flowers grow... outdoor ?!. Smart uh?! :D

The item comes scripted with tons of options. It had a good success when it was released a few months ago so I hope that those who don't have it yet will enjoy it.

Jersey Shore is also having a HUNT for Halloween, the Fright Hunt starting at midnight ! I don't have a preview pic of the item but I can tell you that if you loved our kitty galore nails, you'll love the gift !

Starting Oct 1st too, The TOSL hunt 2 ! A hunt brang by the TOSL team. You'll find RINGS as gifts for the hunt ! A hint ? It's boxed ! :D

Tales or Terror is also starting at midnight. I can't however tell yet where my gift will be since I have no clue yet of where to rez it. I'll give you heads up asap about this !

There is also a mini event @American Bazaar's new sim for Halloween with a bag to get for 50L. No preview is available but it's our oddball bags in orange for Halloween, an exclusive version. American Bazaar's sim link is available on the left side of this blog under "stores".

What else ? Well, we have a new Earplugs pack as mentioned on a previous blog.

Coming soon too : ZombiePopcorn 5, The Fall Fair @Pull'd'Vagin, and err... probably stuff I forgot. Overwhelmed... Dot com !

Enjoy all of these events in peace, harmony, little flowers.