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Posted: 9/16/2011 by .Loviathar Hellman in


First thing, we have 2 new ear plugs packs. Those have been added to the Ear Plugs collection now available in the main room on the left wall after the door.

Along with those, I added the What's new, Pussycat? earplugs - Meow. The event is over since midnight. About it, I got to say a huge thank you to my assistant, the fabulous designers of our mall and our bloggers for having been helping in making it an amazing event. There will be more !

About events, two hunts started recently : the Witch Hunt & Fallen & Depraved Hunt ! Two more gifts to get then.

Sophielle from SeraphimSL kindly took a picture of my item for the Witch Hunt. Here it is.

A lot of other hunts are still going on & soon will be starting the TOSL hunt & a next Zombie Popcorn. We'll also inform you about the next Bada Bing event in time.

What else to say ? Well, saturday's coming and with it, events as usual with TOSL this week.
I chosed a recently remade item.

There we go. That's all for today. As I said, I'm not overworking at the moment so please be patient for further new releases. I'm not abandonning the store but need a bit more of time for other stuff too, like RL. RL is good sometimes.

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