WEEK END EVENTS - Early Releases

Posted: 9/08/2011 by .Loviathar Hellman in

Due to my dad's serious health state, I'll have to travel to my hometown and may stay there for a few days and at least the time required so we are sure of what's going on and if he'll need surgery or not. It means that I'm not sure that I'll be able to be online to set up my items for this week-end's events.
I'm leaving home in about 6 hours and I'll NOT have a web connection at the place I'll be staying at. I may be able to connect on Facebook but not on SL because my parent's connection is miserable.
I'm therefore releasing the VENTA EVENTA & SBS items way earlier than it is supposed to be just because :
1) I worked on it,
2) I don't want people to do not access to a bargain due to this.
I hope to be back soon with reassuring news about my dad and to be finally able to rest my mind.
For now, please bare with me. Customer service WILL be late. There is nothing more I can do to help since my assistant is actually my husband and is as worried as me and as gone as I am. Thanks for your patience.

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