About the use of sculpt maps, scripts & programs in Second Life design.

Posted: 11/11/2011 by .Loviathar Hellman in

Just a quick note about the use of sculpts maps, scripts & programs in Second Life design.

Until a few hours ago, it looked obvious to me that everyone had conscience on the grid that an item released by a store is the result of the work of MORE than one designer.

What does that mean ?
Let's take the example of a necklace.

To make a necklace, you'll use :
1) the basic SL prims created by Linden Labs that you can use as is, mod it or transform as a sculpt, using a sculpt map.
2) this sculpt map, you can create it using a sculpts program like blender for example or purchase it to a sculpts maps store such as Ghanie Lane, Jabberwocky, Xoph or Bejambled. You can also order a customer work to a sculptor. The sculptor will then give you full rights on his creation so you can add it to your creation.
3) textures can be created by yourself using a program like gimp or photoshop, or then again you can eventually purchase it. In the case of clothing, some designers will purchase templates that will help them drawing the general shape of the item they want to create and then will modify it.
4) To script your item for color/texture change, you'll use the help of a scripter if you're not a scripter yourself. You can ask for a custom or buy a premade one.
5) No one can help you at :
A- Texturing your item properly,
B- Grabbing X, Y, Z prims, modifying it, putting it together so that it looks like a necklace,
C- Making your vendor (except if you get a photographer's help),
D- Advertising it.

A finished product is therefore the result of the work of :
- The designer of the store,
- The sculpter,
- The scripter,
- Linden Labs, that provided the media on which we are creating the item, and the basic prims, the tools,
- The person who created the texture or the template,
- Photoshop, Gimp, Blender's creators,
all of that depending on your way to work.

For each product originally created by someone else, you'll pay their work by purchasing it full perm and you'll respect some RULES they are writing themselves. For example, you can't give freebies including full perm sculpts from some sculpt stores.

- All of our textures are custom and created on a PURCHASED photoshop,
- All of our scripts are purchased to scripters, since we don't script ourselves,
- A part of our sculpts are created by ourselves and another part is purchased to more talented people such as the ones named above,

Our products are therefore, as for 99% of the content on SL, the result of the work of more than one person.

Our official position about the use of products in the aim to create a finished product is as is :
When you purchase a product made by [VIRTUAL/INSANITY], you'll pay the work we put in texturing the item, in setting the prims together, in making of it an original product. Your money will cover the charges we are meeting while building.

We are AGAINST the use as is of premade products (business in a box, templates) if there is no quality overwork on top of it.

We are FOR the use of PURCHASED products to other parts as long as these products are, indeed, not stolen, overworked & as long as the designer doesn't try to hide the use of these products.

I'm explaining this in the aim to make things clear, since it seems that this is understood in a wrong way by some residents.

Would no one on the grid use someone else's work, the grid would be empty.