Posted: 11/14/2011 by .Loviathar Hellman in

NOVEMBER BREEZE EVENT is starting tonight @Bada Bing sim & mall and all of our mall stores are participating ! Loulou&co, Repulse, Ancayi, Sakide, Hysteria, Para Designs, Bubble, Razorblade Jacket, SNG & [VIRTUAL/INSANITY], we all worked hard to provide you a great event, good bargains & exclusive items !

Each store will provide an exclusive new item (sold only at the sim until the end of the event and for a cheaper price than what it should be sold for) and/or older/already existing items for a cheaper price than usual !

I'll provide myself 5 new items sold for half price and a lot of selected items for sale for a cheaper price at the mainstore.

Find the stickers to find the cheaper or new products !

And here are the new exclusive items by [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] :