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With the precious help of Dagmar Haiku, Paco Pooley and Manuel Ormidale, we are for the first time starting an exhibition in Second Life.
We are way more used to RL exhibitions so this will be really something new to us.

The "we", also known as [INSANE/FOCUS], represent us, Loviathar Hellman & Moolfryt Klang and we also are [VIRTUAL/INSANITY]'s owner, main designer & assistant designer.

But what kind of exhibition is this one going to be ?
Since more than five years, Moolfryt Klang (my husband in the real world) and myself have been working on a couple project. We are amateur but passionate photographers, have been investing in professional tools in the aim to create our whole collection of photographies.

This is simply a couple work, a common passion. We travel through Europe with our cameras and other tools and, on the reportage mode, shoot everything that attracts our attention.
We also overwork our pictures by computer in the aim to bring our personal touch to it.
When one shoots, the other one overworks and we blend our work in each other's, to the point that we forget who made what.

We are inspired by nature, geometry, urban culture, architecture, esthetism and ugliness but also by vintage style, some darkness and big controversial themes such as ecology, politics, poverty and religion.

You'll find some pictures taken in France, Belgium and in the United Kingdom at this exhibition.

The art gallery's name is L4A - Lust 4 Art.

We will have a vernissage or opening party on Friday the 25th Nov 2011 at 11AM with DJ Demonica Bade.

For this occasion, we'll try to provide some exclusive gift by [VIRTUAL/INSANITY].

Let's also mention that our pictures and frames are for sale in case anyone would like to bring some home.

You can also have a preview of our work here :

All of our pictures, frames, textures, prims, are submitted to copyright and all right reserved.