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First thing to know :
we updated our Subscribo-Matic group gift.
If you're a member yet, you can get it by just unsubscribing and resubscribing real quick. Don't forget to resubscribe of course.
If you don't have it yet, please subscribe and you'll get it for free.
Here you go for the poster :

Second thing to know :
We also updated our fans group gift.
You know it or maybe not, we do it every month. This time, the gift is unisex.
To get it, you have to be yet in our fans group, wear your tag and click the poster. If you're not in yet, please join. There is a fee to avoid spammers & other grieffers. Gifts are handed every month. Wear your tag, click it. Period. Done. You're welcome :D.

Last thing to know :
LA VENTA EVENTA is passing by the store.
I created especially for the event a set of rings in three different versions and three hands sizes presets. This is for girls but boys may want to mod it to fit it to their hands.
This is the complement to last week's SBS Heavy Cross Choker.
When La Venta is over on sunday night, the rings will go up to another price, bigger. So take profit of it.

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