Posted: 12/08/2011 by .Loviathar Hellman in

For the third year, [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] is participating to Twisted Krismuss, an event created by the Twisted Hunt's organizers.

And no, this is NOT a hunt. A ton of designers will place at their main location a kyosk with new products for 100L.

These products are supposed to be transferable so that it can be GIFTED.

The aim is therefore to gift items to your friends, family, people you love inworld.

This year, I decided to leave the ability to the customer to get the item TRANS/MOD or COPY/MOD. Since I make MOD items that may need adjustment (nails & earplugs), it's always nice to be able to get a copy version instead of a trans one.

You therefore have the choice between gifting or keeping the items for yourself !

Xmas is also always a good moment for me to compare my work with the previous years' work and let's say that I'm happy of what I'm bringing this year and I hope you also will !

All of the items are XMAS themed so of course, it will only be wearable through the XMAS times. But feel free to check out our Xstreet/Marketplace store. You'll be able to send there some gifts to your friends !