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A little world about the Fundraiser against domestic violence - Circle of 30 starting on the 1st december for two weeks.
An item will be put on sale for less than 100 linden in each participant store. All the benefits made on the sales will go to Choices, a domestic violence shelter to directly help victims of violence.
Here is

You'll find more informations about the fundraiser on "A Netherworld"'s blog or by contacting Isabeal Jupiter by notecard, inworld.

Note : Although, as a real life social worker and citizen, I am extremely interested in this cause, firmly against all kind of violence (physical, psychological, social, political, economic, ...) and invested in prevention of violence acts & in the victim's social care and help, I also firmly refuse to consider some Second Life creations as related to domestic violence. The blog mentionned above talks about a debate about Curio's battle royal skins without taking any position but I want to tell that Virtual Insanity's designers refuse to relate domestic violence to these skins, which are extremely well done, very creative and awesome for RPs. Thanks to Gala Phoenix for designing very high quality skins like the one the model wears on the Circle of 30 display. Second Life maingrid's residents are all supposed to be adults and aware of what is prohibitted by law, society's values and the human rights. As for the use of children avatar, we just hope that the items representing something controversial are used by residents in a respectful and legal way. If it isn't the case, we doubt that the responsability comes from the designer/creator but from the residents' wrong use of the item. Our participation in that fundraiser isn't at all a way to blame violence related items creators until they do it respecting some boundaries. Just consider our participation as a way to show our disgust against domestic violence and all kind of violence towards kids, teen, adults, older people, boys, girls, women, men, gay, straight, whatever can be their countries, color, social origins and level of earning. Every kind of violence has to be firmly condamned.
And about economic & political violence, a subject that is to me totally related to violence in general, I'd like to quote a great man called Oscar Wilde :
“When liberty comes with hands dabbled in blood it is hard to shake hands with her.”

Loviathar Hellman,
Virtual Insanity's owner & designer,
with Moolfryt Klang
(assistant designer)'s support.

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