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Posted: 11/25/2009 by .Loviathar Hellman in

Okay just a remindal about the hunts going on and nexts to come.

At the moment, we are having the SHINING STARS HUNT , ending on the 30th october. Hurry up if you want to get the gift because it is an EXCLUSIVE ONE, means that it will disappear forever after the hunt. And really, it worths the pain, trust me !

Coming next on the 1st december 2009, the XMAS HUNT of course. I built about mmh... three different piercings sets, you'll have a special awesome devil snowman to rez in your garden & snowflake pasties because winter is coming and naked nipples under the snow can be painful (ok, random). It means that this gift is veryyyyyyyy big and I gave a lot of energy doin' it so realleh... HUNT GUYS HUNT !

The hunt starting next to that will be the New Years' Resolutions Hunt and it will be starting on the 1st january of course. The gift will prolly be some kind of funny armstrap/band or legband decorated with awesome stuff but ... well... I need to think about it and I'm slow you know... erm.

Next to that, you'll be happy to see starting for one month the SHOES AND ACCESSORIES HUNT and it seems that that one will be awesomely awesome since only high quality shoes and accessories stores will be invited to create unisex gifts (belts, hats, bands, boots, bags...) just for you ! It will be starting on the 15th january and my gift will prolly be a belt OR if I don't get the time to learn how to build an awesomely awesome belt, it will be an armband ^_^.

On the first february will be coming the VALENTINE hunt 2010... Get ready for seeing love and little hearts everywhere. Isn't it cutesh ? My inspiration is unfortunately limitated to two months so you'll have to wait to know.

I can already take the initiative to announce that there will prolly be a Changing of the Seasons Hunt for SPRING (the autumn one was AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE), prolly an easter one, then the jewelry hunt and ... After that we'll see !

There you are, a lot of hunting and gifts to come, get ready ! ^_^

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