Stumblebum special item & Super Bargain Saturday items

Posted: 4/07/2010 by .Loviathar Hellman in

As every week (or nearly, we'll see), we are welcoming the Super Bargain Saturday and we will launch TWO NEW ITEMS set for 60L especially this saturday 10th april
We also are welcoming the Stumblebum Brigade, an awesomesaucesque event passing by the store very regularly. The item will be exclusively sold from friday night at midnight exactly (means saturday, ok...) to the next friday. The item will disappear forever from my inventory (no, not from it, because I love it but at least from the store) forever ! 
The two tattoos have been designed by my dear assistant designer Moolfryt Klang who just celebrated his 27th birthday RL ! Happy birthday ;-).
The belt is one of my creations.
Hope you enjoy !

Loviathar Hellman, VI owner/main designer.

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