Styling Sheets and Make over! ^_^

Posted: 7/23/2010 by .Loviathar Hellman in

I was often asked in IM (please, notecard me ! IM get lost!) or by notecard (:)))) about who are the models on the vendors and what they are wearing.

About the models : 
- Loviathar Hellman
- Moolfryt Klang
- Hyel Blackheart
- In the future, prolly Dalila Daviau.
Those models shapes are NOT FOR SALE and as far as I know, none of us model for anyone else.

About the apparel now : 
I decided to add as a COMMENT on every vendor picture I load on my flickr account, a description about what I'm wearing. You'll therefore find it here

By the way I also created a FLICKR GROUP just starting NOW and if you upload a pic of your avatar wearing an item by [VIRTUAL/INSANITY], please feel free to add that pic to the group ! Thanks so much !

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