[SILENT LION TROUPE] September Preview

Posted: 8/22/2010 by .Loviathar Hellman in

I'm taking the bad habit to show off my stuff way before the date of release since I'm perticipating to five tons of events...
But the issue is that with my building skills improving bit after bit, I'm getting prouder and prouder and want to share it with you asap.
Wow I should beware the swollen head ;). But I doubt anyone complains...

This is next month's Silent Lion Troupe's item.
I'm actually showing it off because I'm building new armwarmers including nails and rings just for you, my dear customers... Well and a bit for me too cos having to chose between armwarmers and nails+rings is a pain, you'll agree. 

With my nails+rings sets' success, I thought you'd love this concept. 

BTW from next month, the Silent Lion Troupe items will be available for ONE ENTIRE WEEK. Just like the stumblebum ones actually. So don't worry, be happy ! *whistles*

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