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In february, we'll be a part of several events. 

First thing is the monthly event by Oh My Stars. Each month, a group of designers with a store at Oh My Stars (Elliot & Bill sims) will be given a texture to use to create the object of their choice, it will cost no more than 125L and will be available for a week at Oh My Stars and eventually sold at the mainstores or elsewhere after.
This month, the texture is leafy.
And here is what we made :

Second thing : we'll be involved in several hunts : 
- The Dark Katz Hunt 3 - By Nosotr@s Designs
- Tainted Love Hunt - By Yellow Jester
- My Depraved Valentine - A Depraved Nation Hunt

Except for the tainted love hunt which the theme is : "Everything but the cute and cheesy love", the others hunts don't have a theme. I'll try to stick to Valentine related items for My Depraved Valentine and to the Darkness and Kitties for the Dark Katz hunt though.

Third thing : FTLO is organizing another event called FTLO Red. We will OF COURSE be a part of it. That's a charity event. We'll make one or two (I've got to check) items in a red color. 

For more information on all of these events, please check out the posters that have been rezzed at the landing point.


Please note : 

If you want to work with us as an event organizer, we'll be happy to participate to your events with those conditions : 
1) We will limit the number of events we are participating to per month, just to be able to design GOOD things and to have time for our new releases,
2) We will ask also to events to be seriously made. SL is a game but when the organization sucks, the events sucks and brings stress to everyone.
3) Seriously made can mean : communicating right with vendors on a polite and cooperative basis. We're not there to fight. Things have to be smooth.
4) It also means having nice textures for posters and good communication skills (advertising, ...) to make hunters want to hunt.
5) It means to do not flood me with 12249492 notecards inviting me to your event cause it simply looks like you're not finding anyone.
6) It also means to think about the vendors issues : having a subscribers group is way better than to have a SL group even if SL groups' use are still the most common thing used. We hope that when LL will raise the limit, it will be better. 
7) It's also giving out CLEAR informations.
8) Not making dramas on groups, cause it sucks. 
9) Also, when a problem appears, being able to TALK IT OVER by notecard or IM in a quiet, polite and honest way.

Why am I telling this ? Cause I lived the opposite of that a lot and I ONLY get into hunts in which I feel fine. So I won't accept every hunt but the ones I think can be good and not lead me to stress. If you're a part of the AHVG, it's even better. I'll give the chance to people who are trying their firsts events cause everyone has to start somewhere but I won't accept anymore to work with rude people.
I had the case twice since 2 years and I don't want of it anymore. 

Thanks for understanding <3.

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