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Posted: 1/12/2011 by .Loviathar Hellman in

Okay, so, the first to say "would be nice on a vampire outfit" will be slapped with a rotten fish.

I'll always be someone open minded who loves to mix styles : goth, trash, black, rock, vintage, punkish, girlish, whatever you call it. Some say quirky. Well quirky if you like !

There. So that's a scripted set of nails in our 3 usual nails sizes (read more in store on the posters about the nails sizes thingie, it's important). 
10 textures including all the ones you'll see there.

I tried to do not shock our pagan citizens by designing two versions of the pentacle : inverted or not. Won't do a normal cross though, my crosses will always be inverted and it means no offense to christians.

Also I prefer the bigger checkers and the bigger cracks but I prefer to let everyone chose.

Each nail is texture change, means you can make all your nails plain black or skully or just one nail skully and the others plain or... etc. etc.

There ! 

Hope u love it. More nails to come cos I'm in my nails mood and after that maybe I'll build prim penises... Or prim babies. If I'm really bored.

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