It's a Sin

Posted: 1/15/2011 by .Loviathar Hellman in

Excuse me, Lord Linden cause I sinned by innocence and by excess trust.

I was way too innocent. Yesterday, I thought that rezzing two lucky letters was a good idea : one accessible by the group only, so they get something special for free and one for the random shoppers.
Of course, what was expectable happened : I found about 5 copybotted haircuts today at the store and one copybotter.

My fault, my bad. I can't ban the copybotter cause, even if his name is on tons of random haircuts and he's been blogged several times, it appears that he's not searchable. I therefore filled in a ticket. 
I banned a bunch of other people for being agressive when I explained them that I don't appreciate to see copybotted stuff in my store.

So let me be clear about it : NEVER, I will NEVER accept to see anyone using copybotted stuff at the store without warning the person, asking her to remove and delete the copybotted item and without reporting the haircut to the store owner. It is something CLEAR.
Some will say : it's a gift, "I didn't know". That's why I IM before I ban.
Some will also say : "but it's not your stuff, why d'you mind?". Cause what you do to my neighbour, you will also do it to me one day. And to tons of others, maybe.
Some will say: "it's only a game". It's a game, yeah, but not when you spend all your time working in it and pay tons of linden per month to make things work right. Especially if you don't do it for the money. It's about protecting the stuff you create with your own imagination. 

So there is a big NO GO at [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] and it is called COPYBOT. 

I decided to push the price of the group to 150L$. I also decided to set both the lucky letter to group only. If I still see the same problem happening in the next days, I'll be forced to take measures like removing the lucky letter again. Of course, I'll keep on warning people who wear copybotted stuff of what they're doing, cause some don't even get the point. And I will keep on reporting and reporting again the copybotted stuff I find.

I am PISSED, honestly PISSED about the fact that a guy like the one I tried to ban is STILL on Second Life, without being searchable and can be a threatening to my store and other people's store.
I am HUGELY PISSED about the fact that not a lot of stuff are done to help real designers to fight content theft. 
I am HORRIDLY PISSED to see how much people dare asking for freebies when they don't even buy a haircut and prefer getting stolen items.

That's life, that's SL. Sometimes it makes you mad and this is one of those days.

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