New Fans Group & gift ! + Super Bargain Saturday

Posted: 1/14/2011 by .Loviathar Hellman in

We now can join up to 42 groups. It was therefore a good moment to create a new fans group for [VIRTUAL/INSANITY]
We already have a SUBSCRIBER group. Let's explain the difference.

► This is a web based group, it doesn't take a SL group slot and has no group chat.
► You join by clicking the subscriber sign and unsubscribe by clicking it and clicking on unsubscribe, at any moment. 
► There is no fee to join.
► You get a gift for joining and a gift from time to time. 
► You can participate to the normal hunts & sales and have access to one lucky letter as a normal shopper.
► You get all of our news.

► This a SL based group, it takes a SL group slot and has a group chat but restricted to avoid spam.
► You'll join by clicking the link below or a poster at the mainstore. 
► There is a fee to join : 50L to avoid spammers and bad intentioned people.
► You can participate to anything, including our groups only sales and have access to a second lucky letter just for group members.
► You get all of our news.
► Once per month or 2 times every 2 months, I'll give out one exclusive gift or one pre-release for free. You'll be informed by the group and will have to wear your tag to be able to get it. You'll just have to touch the sign to get it.
►Adress : secondlife:///app/group/76752d30-ce8f-7912-802f-570c05c4ff00/about

It is your own choice to join our not our new group but we invite you to do so cause the gifts will worth the pain. This month's gift is here :

We'll have one of our bran new items on sale for 60L tomorrow only !

.:* LOULOU&CO *:.
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