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Ohai guyz !

all the team will be on holiday from 27th may to 6th june. Our CSR will take care of your questions when we're back so please don't worry if we take a bit more of delay than usual. We only go one week per year and of course, each year, that's when problems happen. We'll deal with it when back !

However, some friends accepted to help us :
1) to rez our event items,
2) to restart our sim & ban grieffers if needed.

We therefore will have a TOSL & SBS item for the 28th may (saturday).
Here it is :


We also need to show you the vendor for the 4th june TOSL because we will be unable to blog from our holiday location.

We'll also be a part of events during this time.

Kozmetika is holding an event for summer and we'll have two items exclusively sold there until the end of the e'vent.
One has no preview pic for some reasons. The second is here : 

Another event : Depraved dealers will start the week end before we come back and here is the preview picture : 

We'll also have ZOMBIE POPCORN HUNT 4 and DEPRAVED SUMMER NIGHTS starting both on 1ST june. The hunt items will be available before we go. 

There we are, we hope that you enjoy all of that. If you're a blogger, don't hesitate to blog our items, our official bloggers received review copies for it.

If you're in our groups, you'll also receive remindal notecards from one of our friends who accepted to send notecards in my name.

Thanks a lot for supporting the store and see you after the holidays !

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