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Posted: 5/21/2011 by .Loviathar Hellman in

Just a little post about affiliate vendors & franchises.

It seems like a few people have been purchasing affiliate or franchise vendors sold under the name "Insane".

[VIRTUAL/INSANITY] doesn't have anything to do with that and whoever tells you the opposite is a greedy liar that will make you spend linden for content that isn't ours, bad content or even stolen content.

We never had affiliate vendors, we don't have affiliate vendors, we will never have affiliate vendors.

Our reasons are simple : Resellers can't guarantee to install the vendors in quality places, lagfree, stolen content free. We wouldn't have any control over it and we don't even imagine ever doing it.

So, please, if you got sold some affiliate vendors by someone who pretends to be one member of our team, just note that [VIRTUAL/INSANITY]'s designers are Loviathar Hellman & Moolfryt Klang and that our assistants and CSR are Hyel Blackheart & VirtualInsanity Resident.
No one else is ever allowed to sell you anything related to our store.

Thanks to report to us the stolen content you can find or the temptatives to sell you some items or vendors in our names.

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